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Wendy - Founder/Tutor

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wendy plante

Hi, there! I'm Wendy, a test prep expert and the Primary Tutor at Pronto Test Prep. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychobiology. I prioritize connecting with students and using my psychology background to work with students with a range of strengths and weaknesses, including students with attention problems, learning disabilities, and test anxiety. I pride myself on creating a non-judgmental and accepting tutoring environment where students are free to ask questions and make mistakes.

I have been tutoring for over 10 years, with 3 years specializing in online test prep. I also spent 5 years working in Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology research labs. My strong teaching background combined with diverse professional experience has provided me with the tools to explain a variety of subjects in a relatable way.  My tutoring style focuses on providing encouragement while asking guiding questions to engage the student in the learning process, and learn to independently guide themselves to the correct answer. I believe that test-taking skills can greatly improve performance and can be taught to any student, regardless of the student's starting point.

I love building confidence in my students and seeing them achieve or surpass their goals! These test scores have helped students get accepted to universities and become eligible for the scholarships they were striving for. I love hearing these success stories and helping guide students and families through this college admissions process.